Hey kitty, kitty! Our client's one request for the pawty: real cats!  After several phone calls and emails, we found just the right fit.  The Cat's Meow Animal Rescue literally came to the rescue with seven adoptable kitties and cats for the kids to cuddle and get to know.  Some very memorable meows.  Upon arrival, all of the kids got whiskers, cat ears, and a mask to decorate.  We set up a meowsk making station where they got to craft their masks to their hearts' delight.  We had whiskers (pipe cleaners), noses (poms), and ears (foam cutouts).  We skipped the floral centerpieces and opted instead for a yarn ball bouquet. We also used real yarn balls as part of a fierce relay race that prompted a lot of giggles.  Real (obviously unused) cat bowls and trays served as dessert dishes.  Our dessert table was made complete with a purrfect cake by Sweet Creations by Carina.  And we can't forget to mention the simply adorable cat balloon by Float Balloon Bar. 

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